Friday, January 1, 2010

Brining guide

Brining is a must when cooking chicken, turkey, and most pork cuts. It makes the meat so incredibly juicy and tender.

Basic brine:
1 quart of water + 1/2 cup kosher (or 1/4 cup table) salt.
Optional: 1/2 cup sugar
Optional: add in other herbs and spices that match what you're cooking

Heat water to boiling and dissolve salt and sugar. Chill water until it's tepid/cool to the touch before placing meat in it. Meat should be fully submerged in brine. Brine for up to 8 hours (a minimum of 1 hour per pound of meat).

*I stray away from using table salt (which is denser and thus requires less salt to make the brine). The flavor isn't as good as kosher salt because of the added iodine and anti-flaking agents.

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